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Related article: Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2011 19:23:55 -0700 (PDT) From: Jon D Subject: After the Kiss - 1Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and as such is a product of my imagination and not real life. So, no real boy's were involved. The beginning of this story contains one brief description of sexual activity between teen brothers. All the following chapters tell the story of young friends and their romantic adventures. If portions of Chapter 1 seem familiar, it's because I previously published parts of it under another title. "After the Kiss" expands greatly upon that other story.If material of this kind offends you or you are not age eighteen or older, then please stop reading Nifty and find some other site. All others please enjoy! You are welcome to send comments or story ideas to Playbuddy123yahoo.comThis Bbs Pedo Lolitas first chapter has a scene between brothers. All the following chapters will be devoted to young friends. After the KissChapter 1It was about ten minutes into the third period when Jordan Thompson circled around the last defenseman and took the shot. The goalie was quick, but the puck glanced off his glove, nicked the post, and slammed into the back of the net; another score for the home team. Jordan played right wing forward. He was gaining a reputation as a stand out freshman on the local college hockey team."Yeah!" Thirteen-year-old Hunter yelled, jumped to his feet, and pumped his fist in the air in celebration. He loved watching his brother skate...enjoying it even more when he scored.The red light behind the net flashed and the air horn sitting atop the scoreboard sounded, signaling the goal.Hunter watched as his brother's teammates enthusiastically surrounded him.The chant, "Sieve! Sieve!" grew as the home town fans taunted the unhappy visiting goalie. The fact that another shot had gotten passed him was being made embarrassingly clear."Did you see it?" Hunter beamed, looking back at his Dad.Mr. Thompson grinned, "Sure did!"Mrs. Thompson, always the more reserved, seemed just as pleased but less enthusiastic.Hunter watched as his brother skated back toward the team bench, his stick raised in the air. The second line and his other teammates slapped him on the back as he climbed over the wall and sat down."Third one tonight." Hunter grinned. "A hat trick," he thought as he sat back down, "Totally awesome!"* * * *The regional campus of the University of Wisconsin had an enrollment of slightly more than five thousand students. Hunter loved being on the campus, all thoughts of his own school tucked away for the time being."I want to go here some day," he said softly. His mother put her arm around him and gave him a tender squeeze. "Want to be just like your brother, huh?" she smiled.Hunter shrugged. Actually, he was embarrassed by the question. For years he'd looked up to his older brother and had hoped to one day be like him. But he was painfully shy and would never admit that was his dream. Deep down, he doubted the day would ever come. Where Jordan was good looking, athletic and had an outgoing personality, Hunter saw himself as just the opposite. While Jordon seemed to be the center of attention almost anywhere he went, Hunter saw himself as practically invisible.Hunter thought of all the ways he was different from his brother. The first was obvious. He looked down at the puffy jacket he was wearing and knew it was because of the small roll of baby fat that hadn't yet melted away. Then there was the awkwardness and the clumsy feeling of having a body whose parts weren't all growing at the same rate. His squeaky voice was announcing the start of puberty. Then there was his shyness."I'll never be anything like Jordan," Hunter thought sadly as he stepped closer to his mom.* * * *Hunter was already in bed when his brother finally got home. He knew Jordan would likely stop off to see his girlfriend, Brianna.Hunter wasn't overly surprised when he heard the floorboard outside his room creak. A sliver of light crept onto the wall as his bedroom door slowly opened."Are you awake? Jordan asked softly."No," Hunter giggled.Jordan stepped in and closed the door. "Oh, well if you're asleep I won't stay then."Hunter laughed."I just came to see if you liked the game." Jordan smiled."It was awesome," Hunter gushed, "Three goals? No way!""I made the last one just for you!""You did?" Hunter beamed."Sure did," Jordan whispered lovingly. He stepped to the side of his brother's loft bed.When Hunter sat up, the top of his head was near the ceiling. "Did you see Brianna after?" he whispered. He was almost too embarrassed to ask.Jordan stepped closer and put his hand in the center of his brother's tummy and gave it a little tickle. "Wouldn't you like to know?"Hunter laughed.It was quiet for a moment."Jordan?""Yeah?""Do you think I'll ever have a girlfriend?" Hunter asked quietly.Jordan reached up and pulled his brother closer. He rubbed him playfully on the back. "I'm sure of it. I bet you're gonna be a little heart breaker," he said tenderly.Hunter sat back and gave his brother a puzzled look. "What's a heart breaker?""A boy that the girls chase after but they can't catch," Jordan smiled.Hunter blushed."Night, bro," Jordan whispered as he gave Hunter a hug."Night," Hunter whispered in return. He snuggled under the covers and watched Jordan open the door and head to his room.* * * *Hunter was already at the kitchen table digging into a bowl of cereal when his brother came down the stairs."How you doing?" Jordan asked happily as he reached for a bowl."Mmmmmkay," Hunter mumbled his mouth now full of Choco Puffs. Hunter was wearing a pair of his brother's shorts and one of his old high school sweatshirts. He loved everything about his brother and it made him feel good to wear something of Jordan's.Jordon looked out the window at the five feet of snow on the ground, then back at Hunter in shorts. "Go put some clothes on. You're making me cold!" Jordan shivered, reaching for the cereal.Hunter gave his brother a playful look. He couldn't explain it, but lately he found himself wanting to tag along with Jordan a lot more.Jordan gave him a look. "You're weird sometimes. What's with always wearing my stuff?"Hunter squirmed in his seat. "I just like it I guess," he blushed, and hoped his brother wouldn't get mad."Squirt!" Jordan chuckled, picked up his bowl, and headed back to his room. * * * *Hunter was disappointed his folks had said `no' to going Bbs Pedo Lolitas to Jordan's Saturday night game. He had whined, but his father had given him a look that basically told him he was skating on thin ice, and it had nothing to do with hockey.Hunter made the best of things by pulling a pillow and blanket down the stairs to the family room. The game would be on a local television station. Hockey in the northland was like football Bbs Pedo Lolitas in the south. In other words, pretty important!"Popcorn?" his mom asked as Hunter fluffed his pillow and made a little nest on the couch."And a soda?""Popcorn, and I'll think about the soda," his mom said with a grin.Mr. Thompson settled into his recliner and pushed it back to bring his feet up. "I wonder if Jordan will get another hat trick tonight?" he glanced over at Hunter."Two goals maybe, but I doubt he'll get three.""I've got fifty cents that says he will!" Hunter's dad grinned."You're on!"* * * *It was another exciting game, but Jordan only managed one goal. Several times when the power play was on, Jordan and his center had several shots on goal but they couldn't get passed the defense. When the horn sounded, the game ended in a tie."Looks like I owe you fifty cents," Mr. Thompson sighed as he got out of his chair and headed up the stairs."Make it a buck," Hunter winked.Mr. Thompson paused by the couch and ruffled his youngest son's mop of dishwater-blond hair. "You should go into banking."Hunter laughed.* * * *Hunter sat in the warm water, pushing miniature islands of soap bubbles from one side of the tub to the other. It wasn't that long ago he might also have had a plastic boat to play with, but he had decided that a teen really shouldn't have such things and had given a box of his toys to a charity. He hoped some other kid would have a good time with them. Hunter sighed, and then scrubbed his arms, stomach, and legs using just a bar of soap. Eventually he finished and looked down between his legs.There was a nice start to a patch of hair down there, but he worried his penis seemed strangely out of proportion to the rest of him. It was way bigger than when he was younger and he was concerned that it looked unusually large for a boy his age. The solid, thick stalk led to a nicely rounded and flared head. He hadn't been circumcised so there was a pink hood over the tip. He pulled the skin back and gently ran a soapy hand over himself.As his hand went to work he thought back to that day a few months earlier when he had accidentally discovered the good feelings he could give himself by playing with it. He remembered he had been asleep, dreaming of the cutest boy in his gym class as he undressed. Hunter had stared at the kid's butt. Then in his dream he'd gotten behind the boy and rubbed his stiffy in the kid's crack. It was then that an amazing thing happened. He had wakened to find himself with a wet bed and a mess in his sleep pants.Not long after, Hunter had been alone in the house and had gone to his room to check emails. Once on his laptop his curiosity had gotten the better of him and he'd surfed a few sex sites. One thing had led to another and he'd found his heart pounding, his mouth dry, and his penis hard. He'd unzipped his pants, idly stroked his dick and played with his nuts. It hadn't been long before he'd been face down on Bbs Pedo Lolitas his bed with his jeans and underwear around his knees, his bare ass humping up and down like he had seen in one of the video clips. He'd found he liked it best when he used one hand to stroke his hard shaft and the other to tightly grip the pillow that he had shoved under his middle. His strokes had increased in speed as his hips eagerly thrust his shaft into the softness of the pillow.It wasn't long before his eyes had fluttered, his penis jerked, and he squirted. It was at that moment he'd realized he had just entered a whole new world. After settling down and catching his breath, he'd thought, "So much for toys."His bath nearly finished, Hunter gave his cock one last feel and decided he'd wait until bedtime to give it a workout. He stood, flipped the stopper in the tub to drain it and turned on the water. He pulled the knob up to activate the shower part and rinsed himself off. Satisfied he was squeaky clean he turned off the water, stepped out the tub, and pulled a towel from the rack to dry himself.He gave the boy in the mirror a look, but not a long one. He'd readily admit that he was still "on the elementary school side" of growing up, not yet into a full-blown teen. Some other boys were further along. High School was still a year away and he reasoned that by next year, when he turned fourteen, he'd probably have caught up. He wrapped the towel tight around his middle, combed his hair and put deodorant under his arms."Done," he thought and left the bathroom, the walls and mirror dripping wet. Hunter never used the exhaust fan, he thought it too noisy and useless.Five minutes later he was in his room when he was reminded."Hunter!" his mother yelled, her tone unmistakable."Crap," Hunter sighed, "Busted!"* * * *Jordon had heard his mother's voice as he was walking out the door, and had no doubt his little brother was about to get a few words before bedtime. He didn't give his brother another thought. His mind was focused on Brianna. She had agreed to let him pick her up and take her for a ride in the country. That always meant they would cruise around until they found a quiet spot and he'd try to get in her pants. He reached down and made a little more room for his nuts, he hoped that tonight would be the night.* * * *Later that evening, Hunter was in his sleep pants and T-shirt. He kneeled on a chair and leaned over the dining room table, putting the finishing touches on a school project."Hi," Hunter smiled, happy to see that Jordan was home early."What's up, little man?" Jordan headed for the fridge and grabbed the orange juice."History project," Hunter answered, gluing another small figure to the display.Jordan stepped over and gave it a look. "Nice job, you should get an `A.'"Hunter blushed. "You think so?""Definitely."Hunter liked that Jordan helped him finish things up. Jordan then went back to the fridge, this time probably in search of food."You going to a party or anything for Valentine's Day?" Jordan asked casually as he reached in and rummaged around.Hunter blushed. "There was one over at Melinda's house, but I wasn't invited."Jordan turned and gave him a look.Hunter tried to hide the hurt he was feeling but was pretty sure it still showed."Maybe next year," Jordan said tenderly with a little shrug.Hunter just nodded. Bbs Pedo Lolitas "What about you?""I was planning a big date with Brianna," Jordan said with a sigh. He pulled out an apple and gave it a bite.Hunter couldn't look his brother in the eyes. The way Jordan had said "big date," Hunter guessed it probably had something to do with sex and he was way too embarrassed to even ask.Jordan swallowed. "That is, until a few minutes ago.""What happened?" Hunter asked softly."Brianna dumped me," Jordan let out a soft breath.Hunter was surprised and didn't know what to say."No problem, don't worry about it," Jordan offered, walking over and playfully ruffling his brother's hair.Hunter felt sorry for Jordan and more than a little pissed at Brianna.* * * *Hunter and his father were eating breakfast at the kitchen table Valentine's Day morning when Jordan shuffled down the stairs in his sleep pants. Jordan hadn't bothered to put on a shirt and Hunter got a good view of Jordan's tight abs rippling when he sat."You and Mom going out tonight?" Jordan asked his dad as he reached for some toast.Hunter turned toward his dad."Yeah," his dad smiled and winked."I don't want to know," Jordan chuckled.Hunter blushed."Hunter's going over to Tommy's for the night so you can go out with Brianna.""Ah, well, change of plans," Jordan Bbs Pedo Lolitas said softly.His dad raised an eyebrow as if to say "huh?""Brianna's old news.""They broke up," Hunter said quietly.Their dad shrugged. "Sorry.""I guess that leaves me without anyplace to go. What do you say, kid, want to hang out with your bro tonight?"Hunter grinned and nodded, `yes.'* * * *That evening, Hunter watched as Jordan took charge just after their folks left. The first thing he did was order pizza. "With extra cheese," Hunter reminded him.The two settled into the family room by the television. The Syfy channel was showing a vampire movie for, like, the fifth time that weekend.It wasn't long before the doorbell rang announcing the arrival of the pizza.Just as they started to dig in, Jordan got a playful look. "Wait here," he smiled and hurried off. Moments later he came back carrying a bottle from their dad's wine cellar. "This is a cheap one," he explained."But we're not old enough," Hunter whispered, getting worried. "What if they find out?" Hunter glanced at the bottle, bit his lip, and squirmed a little."It's only one time, and besides, it's a special occasion."Hunter wasn't convinced."If they find out, just tell them I made you do it," Jordan laughed.Hunter smiled; he'd used that line many times.When the bottle was gone, Hunter had completely changed his mind and asked if they could have a second one.Jordan chuckled but said `no.'Hunter frowned, and tipped his glass trying for a final few drops.It wasn't long before the boys were feeling the effects.* * * *Hunter helped Jordan clear away the pizza box, napkins, and the empty bottle."Want to watch a DVD?" Jordan asked as they settled back down on the couch."Yeah, sure."Jordan put a disc in the machine, and then they both made themselves comfortable.A couple of minutes later Hunter jumped up and said, "Back in a minute."He ran to his room, retrieved a fluffy blanket and two pillows. Hunter tossed one of the pillows to Jordan before dimming the lights and returning to the sofa. They both snuggled under the blanket as the television flickered.It was quiet, save for the TV, both boys focused on the movie.Eventually Hunter said, "This is nice," and scooted closer to his brother.Jordan wrapped an arm around him. "Very nice.""I'm sorry about Brianna," Hunter said softly a few minutes later."I know." Jordan gave him a little squeeze and a smile. "Good riddance!""Can I ask you something?"Jordan nodded."Were you and Brianna going to do it that night you broke up?" Hunter blushed."Yeah, that was the night I was hoping I'd stop being a virgin." Jordan sighed."Sorry," Hunter whispered.Hunter edged closer to Jordan. He couldn't explain what he was feeling, only that he needed to be near Jordan. He looked at his brother. Hunter's breathing became shallow and his face felt flushed. Something seemed to be happening."You okay?" Jordan asked with a touch of concern.Hunter nodded, then crawled part way up onto his brother's chest. Hunter felt drawn there."Hunter..." Jordan started to say.Hunter gently pushed his brother backwards. Jordan rested his head against the arm of the sofa as he settled onto his back, Hunter crawling on top of him."What are you doing?" Jordon whispered.Hunter whimpered and tried to snuggle closer still.Jordon wrapped his arms around his brother as he had so many times before, when Hunter had been frightened.Hunter knew his face was flushing a deeper red. He couldn't stop himself; he looked deeply into Jordan's eyes and clumsily pushed his crotch against Jordan's. Jordan stared at him as he did it a second time.Hunter's cock was fully hard and throbbing. He whimpered with a growing sexual need. He trembled and rubbed urgently against Jordan a third time."No," Jordan said softly, but didn't do anything to stop him.Hunter gave him a pleading look.Jordan seemed to give in. He reached up and tenderly touched Hunter's cheek. As if in slow motion, both boys edged closer. Hunter hoped it would happen...was practically begging for it to happen. When the kiss finally came, it was tender, soft, and romantic.The first kiss led to a second, and then a third. The last one was with open mouths and tongues. Hunter felt himself spinning, his need sky-rocketing.Jordan pulled back and shook his head. "We're brothers," he choked, unable to say more."Please?" Hunter whispered, his voice desperate.Jordan relented and pulled Hunter close again. "I love you so much," Jordan finally whispered in his brother's ear.That was exactly what Hunter hoped he'd say.Hunter turned his head and laid it on his brother's chest. He moved his hips, continuing to slowly rub his hard knob against Jordan's. It wasn't frantic, but it was needy.Jordan kissed Hunter on the top of his head and then slowly ran his hand down his back. He seemed to hesitate when he reached Hunter's rear end.Hunter whimpered. This turned into a groan when Jordan's hands cupped Hunter's butt.The feelings were building...Hunter rubbed against his brother more urgently...Another kiss, a few awkward seconds while Hunter struggled to push his crotch tighter against his brother, and then came the tingle. Hunter knew his whimpers and needy thrusts were announcing he was getting close. Jordan's strong arms held him tight as Hunter pumped his cock against his brother.Seconds later Hunter trembled and held his breath as four hot streams of cum shot out in long squirts."Oh, fuuuuuuck," Hunter muttered in one long throaty breath.Hunter felt his sleep pants grow wet with the warm goo. Jordan rubbed Hunter's back as his orgasm slowly faded."Are you all right?" Jordan asked tenderly when it was all over.Hunter looked up, embarrassed at what he'd just done. He could feel himself blush again."It's okay," Jordan whispered.They were both quiet for a moment and then Hunter crawled higher on his brother's chest so he could kiss him again. This time he made sure the kiss was slow.When it ended, Hunter laid his head on Jordan's shoulder. "I love you, too," he whispered.Jordan softly rubbed his brother's back.They held each other a long time.* * * *Hunter sat at the breakfast table with his mom and dad the next morning. Jordan hadn't come downstairs yet. Hunter was worried somehow their night together would be discovered."Hey, bro," Jordan yawned as he finally stepped into the room."Hey," Hunter whispered. The two exchanged a look.Jordan sat down. "I've decided I'm gonna try and make up with Brianna," he announced, putting jam on a slice of toast.Hunter's heart nearly stopped. "After last night?" he thought. Tears came to his eyes."You okay? Jordan gave Hunter a concerned look."Yeah, fine," Hunter mumbled and wiped his eyes. Hunter wanted to cry, but knew that would have to wait.* * * *Over the next few weeks, Hunter went over that night again and again in his mind. He still wasn't quite sure how it had all happened, but he didn't regret a moment. What he did regret was that his brother increasingly seemed to consider it "no big deal' and had already moved on.As a result, Hunter spent more time in his room and on the internet. He became increasingly interested in pictures and videos of guys with other guys. The ones with girls now seemed boring. He found some of his best jerk offs were when there was a cute guy to look at. He remembered the words some of his classmates had used, but he wasn't ready to apply them to himself. Though he liked watching boys, he really didn't think of himself as a "fag," "a queer" or "gay".Worry crept in as he tried to figure it all out.* * * *The first day of summer break turned out to be the turning point. Hunter learned Jordan and Brianna had broken up again, but within hours Jordan was going after another girl. He had gotten a job as a lifeguard at the pool and apparently had many to choose from. Any hope that Hunter had had of a repeat of that special night with his brother had been totally dashed.* * * *Hunter spent the next few days in a funk. He stayed away from Jordan as much as he could, not being able to cope with his feelings. Hunter's only happiness lasted about ten seconds, the time it took to empty his balls into his hand. He was jerking several times a day now.* * * *Hunter was reading a book in the backyard when Jordan walked by and ruffled his younger brother's hair."Looks like you could use a little exercise," he teased, looking at Hunter's tummy."Mom says its baby fat," Hunter whispered defensively. He didn't like this kind of teasing."You seem mad at me."Hunter looked up and shrugged."Whatever it is, I'm sorry. I really mean it."There was a brief moment of uncomfortable silence."It's me," Hunter finally whispered."Want to talk about it?""Can't," Hunter mumbled."It's tough being thirteen," Jordan offered.Hunter looked down at his book."You know, swimming is a great way to get in shape," Jordon changed the subject."It is?""Yeah. They have classes at the pool in the morning and you could spend a few hours each afternoon doing laps.Hunter was unconvinced."Besides, a tight set of abs is a great way for certain people to notice you."* * * *Hunter was in the third day of swim lessons when everything changed for the better. A kid stepped out from the locker room onto the pool deck. Hunter glanced over as the boy walked in his direction. The kid was like a clone of Jordan, only in miniature. He looked to be Hunter's age."Is this Middler's class?" the boy asked with a sweet smile."Uh, yeah." Hunter nodded, realizing he was staring."Cool." The kid grinned. "I'm Devon," the boy said with a giggle, showing off a set of dimples."I'm Hunter."The boy jumped off the side into the water and a big splash hit Hunter in the face."Oh, Sorry," the kid apologized as Hunter sputtered in surprise and wiped his face."It's okay," Hunter blushed and turned away.* * * *The class had gone well and everyone had gone to the locker room to change. The pool was closed for an hour between 12:00 and 1:00Hunter opened his locker and glanced over at Devon. The kid had reached into his own locker and had pulled out a pair of tighty whitey briefs. He quickly rolled his swim suit down over his hips and let it fall to the floor.Hunter's eyes zeroed in on the soft brown tan of the boy's chest, arms, legs and back; then the pearly white of his bottom."What a cute butt," Hunter thought as his dick started to wake up.Devon toweled himself dry, taking a little extra time with his nuts and between his legs. Apparently satisfied, he reached for his briefs. It was about that time that he glanced over his shoulder."Fuck, he's seen me!" Hunter thought as he hurriedly turned his head.You know when you shouldn't do something, but you can't help yourself? That's what happened. Hunter couldn't help but look back one more time. Devon was now bending over, putting a foot through his underpants when he looked back again at Hunter.Hunter's stomach tightened and he thought he was going to be sick. The boy must know for sure he was being checked out.Devon gave Hunter a mischievous look, his eyes playful. Instead of being alarmed, Devon smiled and very slowly pulled his underpants up. Just as he was about to pull them over his Bbs Pedo Lolitas butt he looked back one more time.Hunter felt his face grow warm. He just knew he was blushing, and his cock was hard as hell! * * * * Thanks for reading. As I said in the disclaimer, all future chapters will be about young friends. I hope Bbs Pedo Lolitas you enjoy them. Feel free to send comments and suggestions to Thanks, Jon
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